Music Thrusdays | Top 30 Played Songs, Tablo's Fever End (타블로 의 열꽃) on 17 November, 2011
It's already Thursday! I can't believe how quickly the week seemed to roll by. Being sick cut my week in half and when I finally did get better and ready to do a VLOG, I realized that today wasn't a good VLOG day. Le sad, le sad. It makes me feel a bit like I'm a slacker, but next week everything will be returning back to its normal schedule. Yay! But being that today is Thursday, that means it's Music Thursday. This will probably be the only Music Thrusday that will be posted here before it's moved to my music blog, » weekendsesh « .

Also, there'll be both a FOTD and my first OOTD.

LGI, let's get it...let's go!

First off, let's start with my FOTD and OOTD.

» Today's FOTD «  
— Products Used
» HARD CANDY's Sheer Envy Skin Illuminating Primer
» NYC Skin Matching Foundation (689 - Medium to Dark)
» L'OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation (C6 - Soft Sable with SPF 17)
» Jordana's Incolor's FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliner (01 - Black)
» Born Pretty Store's 78 Colour Palette (The black colour above the silvery colour)
» Cranky Girlz Lip Gloss 

» Today's OOTD «
— Articles of Clothing
» Random Vest that belonged to my father
» Faded Glory White Polo
» Random jeans from my closet
» South Pole Glaciers (click)

I recently reset my computer and by recently, I mean like a month or so ago and since I rarely listen to my iTunes and instead listen to my iPod, a lot of my most played songs have been played like 5-10 times or something like that,'s a list of my top 30 played song.

— Top 30 Played Songs
» 파이브돌스 (5Dolls) | 이러쿵 저러쿵/Like This Or Like That
» Fall Out Boy | Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)
» Fall Out Boy | Of All The Gin Joints In All The World
» Fall Out Boy | Dance, Dance
» Fall Out Boy | Sophmore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year
» Fall Out Boy | 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)
» 블락비 (Block B) | Wanna B
» 사이먼디 (Simon D) | Stay Cool (feat. Zion T)
» Fall Out Boy | I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)
» 타블로 (Tablo) | 집/Home (feat. 이소라/Lee Sora)
» Adele | Turning Tables
» Fall Out Boy | Sugar, We're Going Down
» Fall Out Boy | "Tell Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"
» The Lonely Island | No Homo
» 사이먼디 (Simon D) | 해보/Try
» 타블로 (Tablo) | 나쁘다/Bad (feat. 진실/Jinshil)
» 타블로 (Tablo) | 밑바닥에서/At The Bottom/Try (feat. Bumkey)
» 파이브돌스 (5Dolls) | 너 말이야/Your Words
» Fall Out Boy | Pretty in Punk
» Fall Out Boy | Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
» Fall Out Boy | XO
» The Lonely Island | I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)
» The Lonely Island | Afterparty (feat. Santigold)
» Panic! At The Disco | Introduction
» Panic! At The Disco | The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
» Panic! At The Disco | Ballad Of Mona Lisa
» 블락비 (Block B) | 가서 전해/Tell Them
» 사이먼디 (Simon D) | 끈/Off (feat. Junggigo)
» 타블로 (Tablo) | Airbag (feat. 나얼/Naul of Brown Eyed Soul)

— 타블로 의 열꽃 / Tablo's "Fever End" Album

As I mentioned in my Monday Hauls post, my CDs from YesAsia came. I ordered 열꽃 (Fever's End) by 타블로 (Tablo), Manifold by Brian Joo, and UNVEILED by Brian Joo. Although I love all three albums, the album I was most excited to get was 열꽃. I shit you not when I say that this album was created like a book. The actual physical CD case was like a book. It came with the CD on one side and a booklet that held the album lyrics on the other side. When I have my camera's battery charged, I'll take a picture of the inside. It's beautiful.

For those people closest to me, they know I love Tablo. I really and truly respect that man. The way he rhymes is dope and his flow is sick...but the best thing about him is his thought process. The way he writes and creates and how he gets his inspiration for what he creates is what really just makes me idolize him. 열꽃 is his first solo album and it's nice to see that for his return, his ability to just capture me with every line, even if I don't know the language, is still there. He's a master of his craft and this album, as sad as it may be is probably my highlight album of the year. It's sad, but it's relaxing. It's gut wrenching, but it's so damn pretty. It leaves you with the bittersweet sensation that a good book leaves you when you're finally done with it.

Although, the album is a masterpiece, like with all things....I have favourites that if you want to listen to them, I definitely recommend them.

» 집/Home; This song features Lee Sora and Lee Sora happens to be one of my favourite female vocalists. Her voice is absolutely wonderful and in 집, she just fits. The way her voice and Tablo's voice meld together perfectly, it really just makes me shiver. Chills. That's the only way to describe the sensation this song leaves me with. | This is my home, leave me alone....여기만 은 들어오지 마.
» Airbag; This song features Naul of Browneyed Soul. Browneyed Soul is one of the few male groups that I absolutely adore. They are an R&B quartet and I have all their albums in my iTunes, if this was before I wiped my computer, they would have dominated the list (alongside Big Mama); that's how much I love them. When Naul's name met my eye, I knew this song was going to be one I loved without listening to it yet. Then I listened to it....dear Zeus almighty. I knew I would love the song, but I am seriously in love with this song. Naul's voice is beautiful, Tablo's smooth rapping mellows and balances it out properly....just everything about it is beautiful. This song is one song that left me feeling the most bittersweet because I could relate to it the most. | I need you, yes I need airbag.
» 밀물/The Tide; I can't being to describe how I feel towards this song. I feel like this song makes me feel so peaceful and so relaxed. I feel like if I listen to this song every day (which I do), I can gain a sense of security and confidence in growing as not only a person, but as an artist as well. | Swim, swim, swim away...내 꿈이 그대 안에서 Dive 익사해. 
» Dear TV/해열; Dear TV is the shortest song on the album, lyrics-wise. As short as it is, it's my favourite. I'm not even going to bother getting into why I like it. I just. If you wish to listen to it (or any of the songs), search it on YouTube. This is in all English and it's damn amazing. | Dear TV, desensitize me. Give me more genocide, please. The world is your aphrodisiac, so you stay turned every minute, every second I breathe.
I can't rave about this album enough, but I will say this final is worth the $13+ you pay for it. Trust me on that one.

This ends Music Thursday.

Until next time~

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