Wednesday Excitement | BH Cosmetics, Cherry Culture, Beauty Sample Boxes on 16 November, 2011
Man, being sick officially sucks all types of suckiness. Although I'm pretty much feeling better, it's too late to record a VLOG and I feel like I robbed people out of dealing with my awesomeness for two whole days. I know, so sad. However, I hope these text posts I've been doing have made up for it. Cause it would dreadfully saddening if it didn't.

Today is Wednesday and if you glance over at the blog schedule to your left, you notice that today is the day I rant and rave about what I stumbled upon that only excited me greatly.

LGI, let's get it...let's go!

So, today I was going around checking out random sites and blogs I visit when I want to catch up on beauty news or if I just want to browse around to see what people are using/raving about and I happened to stumble upon three seemingly popular things: BH CosmeticsCherry Culture,  and Beauty Sample Boxes.

BH Cosmetics;

I had heard quite a bit about BH Cosmetics from several blogs and sites I've been to as well as videos I've seen on YouTube. So I went and looked them up. First things first, I adore the website. It's sleek and classy. It reminded me a bit like MAC Cosmetics' website, but it was a bit more colourful, imo. The site was extremely easy to navigate through and they have some nice things and at a very decent price. I love their palettes (hell, palettes in general are something that Yasu greatly approves of) and their brushes seem so beautiful. If I do end up purchasing from them (which I probably will), I will probably get brushes first (even though I just got some new ones) and their makeup remover too. Look at me, already making a wishlist. Aha. That's how you know I am thoroughly enjoying something.

Cherry Culture;

I originally heard about Cherry Culture while skimming (actually, intensely reading) Jenny's blog, Agent Rouge. At first I was a bit iffy about checking it out, but after reading not only some of her comments, but seeing YouTube videos and other blog posts about the company, I finally gave into my curiosity and went to scope out the site. Although the site itself didn't leave me in awe with its design like BH Cosmetics or MAC Cosmetics did, I love how much content there is on Cherry Culture. It seemed like there was a never ending supply of products from different companies. I loved the variation. Like with BH Cosmetics, I already have a huuge wishlist of what I must get from Cherry Culture.

Beauty Sample Boxes;

I've known about beauty sample boxes forever, but the reason it excited me was because there are soooo many different kinds and it really just depends on the company and the country you get your boxes from. Some of the best I've seen/heard of here in North America are My Pretty Pink BoxBirch BoxBeauty Fix, and New Beauty Test Tube. I would loove to test out Birch Box and New Beauty Test Tube the most though. Maybe sometime soon, I'll be able to test them out.

This was a pretty short post to me, but it'll have to do. I'm pretty sure that there will be a VLOG tomorrow, but in case there isn't, they'll be a blog (or VLOG) on what I'm jamming to this month!

Until next time~

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