Weekend | Hyun, Barnes & Noble, Old Friends, and Olive Garden on 13 December, 2011

So, if you're following Hyunnie, you've already seen her post about our weekend, but since I'm me...I have to post on it. Consider this somewhat massive post as my gift for people sticking around when I disappeared for a week or however long it was.

Well, I was sick for most of the previous week and I thought I was getting better, but after we got back from Olive Garden, I got extremely sick. On Monday, I had a fever and it hit 105 and combine that with feeling extremely weak and having a godawful migraine, you can only imagine how horrid I felt. Today, I feel a bit better...my fever has gone down, but the migraine is still here and making my head feel like it is going to explode.

Anyway, enough about my illnesses and onto the post! LGI....Let's get it, lego~

Warning: A lot of pictures and text.

On Saturday, my mother and I went to go pick up Hyunnie because she was going to be spending the night at my house cause we both missed each other and wanted to hang. So when we got to Hyun's house, her madre had made her walk Marble (her dog, I call Marble "Ebay") even though we were already close to getting there. Just as we pulled up, Hyun was getting ready to walk Marble so I decided to go with her.

Marble why you looking so gud gurl?!!1
Seriously though, Marble looks cute...but she's craaazy.

Hyun looked so disgusted while staring at Marble do whatever she was doing to the leaves in the people's lawn.

So we finally finished walking Marble Ebay and we got back to Hyun's house and while she went upstairs to gather her things, I stayed downstairs with our mums. As I'm sitting there, my madre and her madre are like "When you two are both here, we have to talk about something." So, I'm thinking I did something bad or whatever, but when Hyun comes downstairs they tell us "Oh, we've decided that tomorrow, we're going out to eat at the new Olive Garden. Is that okay?"

....LOL what kind of question is that? DELICIOUS ITALIAN FOOD? FUCK. YES. So we're pretty stoked and we're like fuck yea~ this weekend is starting off bad ass. Before we actually left Hyun's house, we ended up staying and watching Death At A Funeral and pretty much laughing our heads off. "It's Acid mixed with a little more Acid....which is Acid" was probably the best line ever  and of course one of my celeb crushes Columbus Short had that line. That movie was hilarious though. I loved it. So we finally left and headed to Barnes and Noble because we were all hungry and wanted food. So when we got there, Hyun and scooped out the Manga section and pretty much shared our thoughts on different things we read, when all of a sudden, this delicious work of Asian man art sauntered his way over to the Manga section. I was too busy being distracted by his beauty, that I didn't take note of the Manga he was putting away. Apparently he put away "One Piece" (Hyun later informed me) and that upset me cause then I could have started a conversation with him. Then he disappeared! Le criiiies.

We finally get to the cafe and the cafe at Barnes and Noble is sponsored by Starbucks, so essentially we went to Starbucks without actually going to Starbucks. As we're walking through the cafe, Hyun and I are going off about how these shoes that someone was wearing were wonderful and when the person turned around, we freaked out cause it was Leah! Then we noticed that our old high school buddies Reamy and Kevin were with her as well, so it turned into this somewhat chill mini reunion. We sat around and chatted it up. It was awesome. Hyunnie has a picture of me and Leah up on her post while I only managed to snag a picture of Kevin.

I still want to know what was so captivating off to the side. 

After sitting down, we ended up placing our orders. I got a pretzel (didn't get a picture of it), a Spinach & Artichoke quiche, and a Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade thingy. When I got my drink, Kevin was like "Is that jello?" and Reamy and I kinda chuckled.  Hyun got this delicious Lemon Raspberry cake thing and a Green Tea Chai Latte which were both delicious (I know, I normally get the Green Tea Chai Latte).

Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade thingy & Spinach quiche (with Reamy's cellphone and charger in the background and Leah's books and pencils)
It was the most delicious slice of heaven ever. Reamy, Hyun and I ended up sharing it and thoroughly enjoying it.

Lemon Raspberry Cake (with Kevin in the background.)
It was so delicious. Nuff said. 

Finally. We exchanged numbers and left Barnes and Noble. We headed to Golden Krust and got a few things before heading to Walmart. Okay, so we get to Walmart and I raid the makeup section. When I say raid.....I mean raid. You'll see in the pictures.

Hyun and I in the toilet paper aisle. (Haaiii Scott!)
So, Hyun looks adorable. I look like a whale. *running inside joke*

Me. (with Creeper!Hyun).
Stop being a creeper Hyun. That's my job. 

What I purchased.
Told you I raided Walmart. In total, it was like 23 things I got. It looks like a lot cause it is.
I'll probably end up buying some more stuff soon. I have a makeup addiction. Someone help me.

Finally after shopping and helping people in Walmart with makeup and fashion (we were on a roll), we ventured to the Beauty Supply store to check out some wigs.

Wig #1 for Hyun.
Even though she gets tired of bangs easily, I really, really loved this wig on her. It was soo naice.

Wig #2 for Hyun.
This front view of the wig. I like this one also. Ugh, Hyun! Stop being pretty.

Wig #2 for Hyun.
This side view of the wig. It looks nice, right? The lady that was helping us was so naice.
After this picture we were told to stop taking pictures cause the store didn't want us taking pictures anymore.

Wig #1 for Me.
I actually, really really like this wig. So much so that I will be going back to get it.
 The contacts actually showed up nicely in this light.
As Hyunnie put it, I looked "Desudesu" in this picture.

Finally after all that, we headed to my place and proceeded to be lazy. I felt so tired and weak when I got home that I clocked out super early. Of course I woke up a lot during my sleep, but I slept pretty early. I was the first one up on Sunday and I think I woke up at like 7 or 8 am and when I went to the bathroom, Hyun stole my blanket (Uhm...RUDE!). I snapped a quick picture of me when I woke up and shockingly....I looked decent.

Sunday Morning.
Yes, I did look like I wanted to fuck someone up because it was like 9-10am. Meeh.

Hyun and I lounged around for a bit and when 2pm rolled around Hyun and I got ready because we needed to meet her mother at their house by 4. My mum decides that she needs to go out and get gas at like 3. She didn't come back until about 3:40 and she came back with a CATO bag with new shoes inside (which I'm totally gonna wear out soon). So by the time we got to Hyun's house it was like 4:50pm. So we headed to Olive Garden and that place was packed. We had to wait for an hour before we sat down and because we were so hungry, we decided to skip the appetizers and get straight to the food.

Sweet Tea.
Hyun is so simple with her Sweet Tea. Lol.
You can see Hyun's brother in the background with his bread.
We laughed at him cause he failed with the butter. Lol.

Strawberry Mango Limonata
My drink was wonderful to be honest.
I loved how good it was. I would love have it everyday.

12 oz Steak.
Hyun's brother ordered a twelve ounce steak
.....and then devoured it.

My mum got salmon and was derping it up by "Savouring the taste." LOL.
I stole a piece of broccoli and it was delish.

Seafood Pasta of Deliciousness.
Hyun's food was so good, I almost turned to Jesus and said "Amen!"
Lol. Whut am I?

Chicken Parm (with extra Parm).
I regret nothing. I had the best Chicken Parm with extra Parm ever. It was delicious.

Raspberry Cheesecake.
Hyun and I shared this. As you can see....I totally too a chunk of it before taking a picture because I forgot to take a picture.
I even messed up the design....like a baws.

My own personal deliciousness of a dessert. I didn't get to finish it at the restaurant, but I did finish it when I got home.
Omnomnom. So yumyum.

I didn't get a picture of Hyun's mum's food or drink, I didn't get a picture of Hyun's brother's drink, and I didn't get a picture of the dessert my mum and Hyun's mum shared, it was the Apple Crostata.

When I got home, I was dead. Like everything hurt. And I knew then that I was sick. Le siiiigh. At least I  had a bombing ass weekend.

On a complete side note, I'll be heading to deal with college shit on Thrusday. Hopefully all goes well.
Until next time.

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PPS: I think I'll finally do my review on the contacts and other things I got from BornPretty within the next couple days.
PPPS: This post might be backtracked because my head is killing me and I may not get to post it until Wednesday morning. 

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