Relocating. on 27 December, 2011
Since I don't think there is much of a reason to have a read more for this post, there won't be one and that obviously means that this will be shorter than any of my normal posts.

In light of Blogger's latest bout of bullshittery (unfollowing my blogs, locking me out of my account, not updating my dash in a timely fashion, etcetera), I've started to grow and extreme detest for Blogger at this point. So I have relocated. This blog is now over at Tumblr and if you click here, you'll be directed to it.

No, I'm not deleting this blog nor will be updating it. It'll just remain here for people to read if they happen to stumble upon the Blogger rather than the Tumblr and wish to see some of the older updates (even though everything's been moved already). I suppose the real reason I'm keeping it is for the hope of a nostalgic feeling when/if I ever happen to come across this blog again.

That's really all I needed to say in this post. This is my final update here. I'm actually gonna miss Blogger....I feel like I'm saying bye to my 18 year old who's about to head off to college.

Lolwhat. <3

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