Review Week | Rimmel London, New York Color on 29 November, 2011
This week is review week! I'm finally getting around to sitting down and testing out certain products I've gone out and purchased/ordered so that obviously makes me extremely excited. Since it is review week, I decided to start out with something that I've been adoring for the last couple weeks, lip colours.

If you've been reading my entries or following me (or Hyunnie), you'd know that lately I've been slowly getting addicted to lip colours and any time Hyun and I end up shopping, I always get at least on lip colour and I blame Hyunnie 100% for this. Anyway, the last time Hyunnie and I went shopping, I picked up 6 different lip colours, 5 of which were NYC and 1 that was Rimmel London. That is what will be reviewed today.

This is a pretty boring introductory piece, I mean sucks.

Lipstick Tubes

[From Left to Right]Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick (#038:In Vogue), NYC's Ultra Last Lipwear (#407:Smooch), NYC's Ultra Moist Lipwear (#316:Blossom), NYC's Ultra Moist Lipwear (#312:Chiffon)

As you can already tell, two of the six lip colours are missing. Why? They broke. Hahaha. No, I'm serious. One broke and the other broke and then explode in the canister. Crazy, right? But this is legit, I promise.

Lipstick Swatches
[a]Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick (#038:In Vogue), [b(a)]NYC's Ultra Moist Lipwear (#316:Blossom), [b(b)]NYC's Ultra Moist Lipwear (#312:Chiffon), [c]NYC's Ultra Last Lipwear (#407:Smooch)

Now this how the colours look on me. Normally, I adore pinks, but out of the entire six, only about 3-4 or looked really, really good on me. I'll probably end up wearing them all (I am after all someone who likes to get a little wild with their colours), but it was a bit saddening that only 3-4 looked best on me. My favourite out of the bunch is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick. So, I'll start out with talking about this fabulous lip stick.

I currently own Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick in #038:In Vogue and I promise you all, it's by far one of the best lip colours I own. True to it's word, this lipstick is extremely long lasting and I mean long lasting in that "If-you-try-to-wipe-this-shit-off-it-will-stay-on-for-at-least-another-hour" kind of long lasting and when it has a base to rest on, like a moisturizing lip balm or a bit of gloss, it lasts even longer. I think the reason I have a bit of an attachment to this lipstick is because the colour is so vibrant and remains vibrant no matter what. When I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner with Hyun's matter what it came intact with or what it rubbed off on, the colour remained pretty vibrant. That is definitely something I enjoyed about this lipstick. For the price I paid for it (I want to say about $2.50 or a bit more, but I forget the exact price), it's definitely worth it all. Now. With every good product, there's at least one con and this product is really no different. This products one and only con (in my opinion) is how dry it is when there is no base for it. In my experience, if I had forgotten or simply just excluded a it of Carmex or NK Lip Gel, this lipstick felt oddly thick and dry upon application and during wear. It felt like I constantly needed to lick my lips cause the lipstick was drying out the moisture. Aah, I just thought of another con. For me, I like my makeup to come off easily, but this lipstick takes more effort to remove that I really like. Sometimes, it feels like I'm using all my strength to get it off (it's also those same sometimes in which I have a tendency to be extremely lazy). Overall, I give this lipstick a 4.7 out of 5 stars because the cons (and my sometimes laziness).

My next favourite lipstick of the bunch is NYC's Ultra Last Lipwear. I have this lipstick in #407:Smooch and it's not the best lip colour, but it's not the worst. What I mean is that although it's not as vibrant and as eye catching as the Rimmel London lipstick, it's still quite beautiful. On my lips the colour almost blends in with my lips (I have medium pink coloured lips) and that bothers me slightly because I do, again, like extremely vibrant colours. I do love that it glides on easily and is not as messy as a lot of other lipsticks I have owned previously. It also has its own shine and gloss, but a bit of gloss as a base makes this lip colour pop just a bit more. My problems with this lipstick are as I said earlier, it blends in with my lips, so if you have a natural lip colour that's a medium pink like me...I dont recommend this lip colour. Also it's opposite of Rimmel London's lipstick, it's comes off way too easily. I know I complained about Rimmel London's lipstick didn't come off easily, but this lipwear came off way too easily. To me, that proves that it isn't very long lasting at all. For this particular lip colour, I will rate it a 3.5 out of 5. It's beautiful, but not my cup of tea due to how much it blends in with my lips.

Now, the ones I took the least liking to of the bunch was the NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear (both b(a) and b(b) are the same thing just different colours). I have this lip wear in two colours: #312:Chiffon and #316:Blossom. Originally, this particular lipwear had four, but remember earlier I talked about the two lipsticks that broke (one of which then exploded in the canister after breaking)? Yeah, it was from this batch. Which immediately worries me since lipsticks should break (nor explode for that matter). However, I do enjoy Blossom a lot. It reminds me a bit of In Vogue except it's more of a sparkly, hot pink whereas In Vogue is a straight hot pink. I do wish that Blossom was bit more vibrant, but I've come to realize that  NYC's lip colours need a bit of a push in order for the colours to seem decently vibrant on my lips (thank Zeus for lip glosses and moisturizers). Chiffon is an extremely light pink. Like the type of pink that creeps you out when you stop being a little girl (unless, you love pink). Light pinks aren't my thing normally, but surprisingly, I loved how Chiffon looked on my lips. It reminds me a light pink lip gloss I used to wear when I used to live in New York  (oh, nostalgia). It still is a huge killer for me that not one, but two of these lipsticks broke and like the Ultra Last Lipwear, it comes off way too easily. For this, I'll have to rate it a 3.0 out of 5.

This is really the first batch of items that I've owned that were purchased on the same day and is pretty much loved by me almost evenly. It's due to these lip sticks, that I've developed a love for lip sticks/colours now. Hopefully, these review helped anyone out. Until next time~ <3

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