Review Week | L.A. COLORS, NK, New York Color on 30 November, 2011
Today's Wednesday and it's Day 2 of Review Week! Yay! Today I'll be doing a review on three different and slightly unrelated things: an eyeshadow palette, mascara, and a lip gel. Also, the companies being featured in this post will be New York Color/NYCL.A COLORS, and NK. Before you read on, wanna guess which company goes with which product? I'll wait until you guess.

Once you've attempted guessing (if you have), continue reading for the review. <3

Today's Review Material
a) L.A COLORS 5 Colour Metallic Eyeshadow (EP109:Devious), b)NYC's Volumizing Mascara Showtime (#844:Extreme Black), c) NK Lip Gel with Vitamin E (Clear)

So those who've been following me for a very, very long time know that Monochromatics is actually not my first beauty based blog, but rather my fourth or fifth one and my first blog was originally a beauty/graphics/resource site called swallowtailbutterfly or AGEHA. On that site, I did a review of the L.A COLORS 5 Colour Metallic Eyeshadow and although I felt that the review I posted was fantastic at the time, I felt that now although most of my opinion hasn't changed, it's time to rewrite that piece of shit.

I still stand by the fact that this palette was (and is still) probably the most annoying palette I have had to work with. Again, it has nothing to do wih the colours, but with how messy, glittery and loose it is.

Eyeshadow Swatches
The order of the palette in accordance to the swatches is right to left.
Please excuse the redness on my arm. I hit my arm against something and hadn't realized that it was now red.

Pushing that aside, the colours of the palette are extremely nice and once you get past the slight annoyace of the mess, glitter, and looseness, you realize that the colours blend wonderfully. To this day, the blues are honestly the best part of palette which looking back on it now confuses me. The blues are probably the most prominent, whereas the black or white one should be rather the blues. However, the white is a perfect base and the black makes for a wonderful blending shadow. When all the colours are blended properly, it gives off somewhat of a sexy, mysterious feel that still makes me unbearably happy when I am able to pull it off. The cons of this palette are how loose and glitter this palette is. It's so loose that when you get some of the shadow onto the applicator, you need to tap the applicator a bit to get the loose powder off or you'll seriously get a bit in your eyes. If you do catch some of this shadow in your eye, tilt your head in the opposite direction of the eye that the shadow has fallen in, look in the downwards and gently run your finger along your lash line or blinking a few times while fanning your eye will work and ease the pain. Also note that the colours come off incredibly easy, too easy and that's bad. I recommend you wet the brush a bit so that the shadow is a bit more matte and lasts longer on your eye. Overall, this palette gets a 3.0 out of 5 and this is because I am continuously on the fence on whether or not I like this palette.

Preview of the gloss
It's thick, but still sleek and shiny.

In almost all my FOTDs or discussions about lips I almost always bring up my NK Lip Gel. I freaking adore this gloss to no end. Let me explain why. First, the tube is a bit bigger than normal which I love. Second, this tube is still pretty much full and it's been about two years since I've had it. It's thick, a bit too thick for me so, I do have to wear a moisturizer before wearing this lip gel. That aside, it's still wonderful. I can wear this all day, eat while wearing it, drink while wearing it, and it will be there. I call this lip gel my boss gloss cause it's that amazing. All biased opinion aside, I do give this a 3.5 out of 5 star rating because I do know that some people don't like a thicker lip gloss, so that may be a deal breaker for some.

A glimpse of the wand
The tube itself is actually kinda wonderful.
I love how peeled apart my desk is. 

NYC's Volumizing Mascara Showtime is a new product I'm using. I purchased it the day Hyunnie and went to Walmart and bought a good bit of cosmetics. I normally don't use mascara because my lashes are normally naturally thick and curled, however there are some days were they just don't want to get on the right page and don't do it's natural thing so...I got this. Out of all the mascaras I've used, it's actually in the middle for me. I do believe that it's good, but it's not great. It doesn't add as much volume as I would have hoped, but you can see a change in how your lashes looks and sometimes a little change goes a long way. Application is simple and not messy at all (hopefully, no mascara application is messy) and since I have no real con with it aside from not getting the volume I wanted, I haven't found a flaw with it. Oh, did I mention it's waterproof? Am I the only one hearing the bell go off signaling extra points? Yes? ...oh. Seriously though, waterproof anything is my Zeus. My eyes are extremely watery, so having this be waterproof is definitely somewhat of a godsent. Overall rating? 3.8 out 5 stars.

Tomorrow, the review will be on something completely away from the makeup side of things and more towards the skincare side of things. So, until next time~

PS: I know I said I would post Monday's VLOG on Tuesday, but I'm still unsure if I should put it up at all. Le siiigh. What does everyone else think? Oh and there's now a chatbox, interact with me! 

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